Monday, February 11, 2008

There's a fine line between being hardcore and being an idiot...

It was a mostly good, albeit cold, week of running...up until I threw down the gauntlet and challenged Mother Nature to a duel, that is (details below). The mileage was a little lower on purpose, as this was a prescribed cutback week.

Monday - 6 miles recovery in the AM, 4 more in the PM.

Tuesday - 10 miles with 10x100m strides.

Wednesday - 13.1 miles easy. I learned here not to trust either or They both said it would be in the 20s in the morning. It was more like 2, thankfully without wind. By the time I got done, I had an impressive icicle hanging off the bottom of my facemask.

Thursday - 6 miles recovery.

Friday - 11 miles easy.

Saturday - 6 miles recovery with the brand spankin new Spearfish Running Club (see my post below for details).

Sunday - 16 miserably cold and long miles in the aforementioned showdown with Mother Nature. It was in the single digits with a windchill of -14, which is normally indoor track weather for me. But, the gym doesn't open until 1 PM on Sundays (lame) and I didn't want to wait around that long (nor did I really look forward to running 184 laps), so, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to bundle up and give er a go outside. After 6 miles, I knew I should probably stop, but decided to try a different loop, hoping it would put the wind at my back more. It didn't. After 11 miles, I was drained and frigid and thought that I should probably bag it and finish the last 5 miles on the track in the afternoon. But, I also thought that, judging by how I felt, if I stopped running then, I was probably done for the day and those last 5 miles would never happen. So I pressed on. I ended up getting the full 16 in, so won the duel in that respect, but it took a good hour and a half (including a long hot shower), before I stopped feeling chilled afterward, so I guess Mother Nature won in that respect. Let's just say that, next time, I'll wait for the damn gym to open.

Total - 72.1 miles

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jen said...

Holy crap- great job on the crazy outdoor run. I can't imagine.

Very cool about the running club. You're the man!