Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Goodbye, twenties

Last week marked my last days as a twenty-something year old. Now and forever more, I am officially old. It was a decent week of running. I'm in sort of a recovery/taper limbo as I try to get my legs back up to speed after Colorado while trying to prepare for Deadwood-Mickelson, which is now two short weeks away.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 6 miles recovery.

Wednesday - 9 miles including 3x600m hill intervals. This was my (apparently lame) attempt to determine my max heart rate. My Garmin had marked my highest HR during the DAM 5K as 184, so I suspected my max was actually a little bit higher. So, I set out to find out just how much higher. After warming up for a few miles, I ran up a 600m long hill, jogged back down and repeated the process two more times. The idea is that by the time I got to the top on the the third try, my heart would be just about ready to explode. Well, it didn't quite work out that way, as the highest HR I was able to achieve was only 179. Maybe I could have gotten it higher if I had done more repeats but, honestly, three was plenty.

Thursday - 6.3 miles recovery. It was windy and drizzly when I started. About halfway through, I heard some thunder and the drizzle turned into an all-out downpour, which then turned to tiny hailstones, which was all being driven by 30 mph winds, which I was running straight into. Awesome. Any locals who just weren't sure about my sanity before are now very sure that I'm a few cards short of a deck.

Friday - 17.2 miles. My wife was flying to Vegas in the afternoon to surprise her mom for her 50th birthday, so I had to get the long run done before she left. This was also my first run ever as a 30 year old. I didn't break a hip or suffer any dementia (or at least not any more than normal), so I guess my advanced age hasn't caught up to me yet.

Saturday - 5.1 miles recovery. I waited around all day for a break in the rain showers so I could load the kids into the jogging stroller and get a run in. We finally did catch a break and the kids had a blast. It was the first time I've run with them in a long time and I definitely noticed that they've put on some weight since then.

Sunday - 7.4 miles recovery. The kids were excited to go again, but I noticed that my daughter's interest waned significantly after about 5 miles. If I could find a loop that was lined with horses the entire way, she'd be good for 20 or 30.

Total - 51 miles

Less than two weeks until Deadwood-Mickelson and one thing I know for sure is that it won't be a fast run. My legs just won't move me as fast as they did pre-Colorado. Good thing I don't have any lofty goals for this one.

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