Monday, September 8, 2008

Pounding out the miles

The weather was about as perfect as it gets this week and my mileage reflects that. It was under 50 degrees for every morning run, under 40 degrees for a couple. The result is that I tacked on a couple of extra runs to take advantage of the awesome weather and ended up with a few more miles this week than I had planned. Oh well.

Sunday - 8.5 miles

Monday - 11.2 miles in the morning, 4.1 in the afternoon. I split the afternoon run in two and took each of the dogs for a couple of miles (taking them both at once would be an exercise in stupidity, although entertaining I'm sure for any onlookers). Our black lab, Vedder, could run seemingly forever....two miles is nothing to him. On the other hand, our yellow lab, Molly, is dragging pretty good by the end of two and spends the rest of the day sprawled motionless on the floor.

Tuesday - 8.47 miles

Wednesday - 9.3 miles in the morning, 4 in the afternoon. Registered for the Boston Marathon!

Thursday - 10.77 miles

Friday - 8.44 miles

Saturday - 17.14 miles

Total - 81.97 miles (about 10 more than planned)

Along with the arrival of fall-like weather came the arrival of football season this week. It was oh so close to a perfect football weekend for me, with only the Seahawks blowing it by sucking big time against Buffalo yesterday. Belle Fourche took down 5th ranked Winner on the road 12-0, Black Hills St. upset Southwest St. 21-14, and Montana pulled out a close one on the road against a very good Cal Poly team, 30-28. The Seahawks sucked.


Scott said...

Chris, I stumbled on your blog and enjoyed reading about your running exploits. Congratulations on such a heavy mileage load. I hope to be there someday.

I'm considering running the Mt. Rushmore Marathon on October 4, and I couldn't find any information about their aid stations--did you feel like they were sufficient, and what did they have? If you can reply to this comment, great. If not, no worries. Happy running!

Chris said...

The Mt. Rushmore Marathon website has always been user unfriendly....trying to find the information you want is a chore and I've noticed that they aren't very quick to update info. In any case, to answer your question, if I remember correctly, the aid stations are every couple of miles and were well stocked with water and some sort of sport drink. I think one or two may have gels too, but don't quote me on that (I always carry my own, so don't always notice if the aid stations have them). Good luck in the marathon! My wife will be running the Crazy Horse half this year.