Saturday, May 9, 2009

Running the Big Hill trail

Today, I headed into the woods for my first real trail run. I've run a few trail races over the years, but have never done trail running as part of my regular routine. Since I'm ultra training now and I've got a bunch of trails nearby in the Black Hills, I figured it was high time to get started. So, I laced up my brand-spanking, shiny new trail shoes (Asics Trail Attack 4), my new Amphipod hydration belt and headed out. I also toted my camera along with me. Here are my pics from the trail:

The Big Hill Trailhead

An aspen stand along the trail. The aspen in the Hills haven't leaved out yet.

Heading up the C loop.

Blazer marking the trail. I only got lost once.

Up the C loop some more. The C loop had a lot of up.

View across Spearfish Canyon from the Overlook spur.

Still some snow in the high country.

Don't know what that thing is, but it looks like a phone booth from before there were phones.

There was a little bit of water on the trail too.

Another aspen stand on the A loop.

My trail shoes are virgins no more.

It was wet, it was muddy, it was snowy, it was hilly and I got sleeted on for the last mile. In other words, 2.5 hours of good clean fun.

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