Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update

Okay, so it took me over a week to post my Missoula report on here. Sorry. I was busy doing absolutely nothing. After the race, we hung out in Montana for a week. I ate a lot of food, drank a lot of Montana brewed beer and did a little running too. I'm back in South Dakota now and trying to get caught up with everything that lapsed over the past week (including this blog). So, my Missoula report is below. Here's the running I did for the rest of last week:

Monday - Rest. Actually could have run if I'd really wanted to. I didn't feel sore at all after Missoula.

Tuesday - Rest again. Again, contemplated running, but went camping instead.

Wednesday - 5 miles. Felt alright. Not sore, but legs felt a little heavy.

Thursday - 6 miles. On the Blodgett Creek trail oustide of Hamilton, MT. The trail follows the creek through a deep canyon carved through the Bitterroots. It also goes through the Blodgett Fire area, which scorched the Bitterroots in 2000.

Friday - 8 miles. On the Mill Creek trail, one canyon north of Blodgett. This trail also goes through a fire area (the result of the same fire). After a couple of miles, I crossed into the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, one of the largest tracts of wilderness in the country. I also ran past a cool series of waterfalls and, just before I turned around, found a big pile of bear crap o the trail.

Saturday - Rest (if you can call driving 11 hours with a 4 and 5 year old in the back seat "rest").

Sunday - 11 miles.'s WAY more humid in South Dakota than in Montana. I felt pretty good, other than the 5 pounds of sweat weight I was carrying in my shirt by the time I got done.

Total - 30 miles

In other running news, I missed out on the third race in the Black Hills Trail Series while I was in Montana. The Mystic Mountain Trail Run was on July 12th, the same day as the Missoula Marathon. I knew when the trail series started that I would miss this race and that my place in the standings would likely take a hit because of it. But, as it turns out, I actually maintained 2nd place in the Men's Under 40 division. My two point cushion over the 3rd place guy is now only one point and I lost ground on the 1st place guy, but I'll take that over dropping a position or two any day. There are now three races left in the series and barring any unforeseen circumstances I'll be at all of them, so hopefully I can maintain 2nd place (or dare I hope better?) for the rest of the way.

Now, back to ultra training. Lean Horse is only one month away!!

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