Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slowly but surely

Recovering from races has never been my strong suit. Recovery takes patience, something I lack. I expect that my legs will feel sore for two or three days after a hard race, but after that my patience wears thin. Once I start running again, I expect to be able to run at the same paces I was running before the race. More often than not, this isn't the case. Inevitably 2 or 3 weeks of frustration ensue during which I'm convinced that I'll never again be able to run as fast as I once could. I'm in the midst of that frustration period right now.

Monday - Rest. Played basketball at lunchtime. It's occurred to me that these 2 or 3 day a week basketball sessions aren't helping my recovery because they're just putting extra wear and tear on my already tired legs, but I don't really care. It's fun and something I look forward to, so I'm gonna keep doing it. And, actually, my legs have felt pretty good during basketball....better than they often have during running.

Tuesday - 5 miles. This was horrible. Hands down one of the hardest runs I've done all year and definitely one of the slowest too. For whatever reason, my legs just didn't want to move. I made them anyway, but it was a slow slog the entire way.

Wednesday - 5.3 miles and basketball in the afternoon. Much, much better than yesterday. In fact, this was my fastest paced run (so far) since Lean Horse.

Thursday - 5.1 miles. Not nearly as bad as Tuesday, but not as good as Wednesday.

Friday - Rest, basketball at lunchtime.

Saturday - 6.5 miles. The pace is definitely improving.

Sunday - 10.2 miles. First double digit run since Lean Horse and it felt good. A little slower than Saturday's pace, but not too bad.

Total - 32.1 miles

So, although there were a couple of rough days in there, overall things are moving forward and I'm starting to get my legs back under me. Not as quickly as I'd prefer, but I'll take what I can get (as if I have a choice).

Okay, now on to football. This was the first big weekend of the year with high school and college schedules getting started up. Belle Fourche's first game was Friday night against Douglas, WY, the defending Wyoming state champions. It was pretty obvious that Douglas returned some talent from that state title team. Although Belle kept it close for most of the game, Douglas eventually put them away 26-10. The good news for Belle is that, really, the game doesn't mean anything as far as conference standings go and it's good prep for them since they face the top two ranked teams in South Dakota later this season. The Montana Grizzlies opened their season on a brighter note, whupping up on Western State (from Gunnison, CO) 38-0. This game was the equivalent of Florida playing Charleston Southern this weekend....a powerhouse at one level matched against a massive underdog from a lower level. It actually should've been more lopsided than that, but the Griz made some dumb mental errors in the first half and only led 10-0 at halftime before getting it in gear in the second half. This weekend Belle is at home against Hot Springs in a game they should win and Montana is on the road at UC-Davis, which will be a much tougher test than Western St. And then, on Sunday, is the day I've been waiting for since February. Well, actually since the Seahawks playoff hopes flew out the window sometime in October last year, it's been even longer than that. The Hawks open their season at home against St. Louis. This is the best part of the NFL season....the time when everyone can actually hope that the Super Bowl is a possibility.

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