Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better late than never

Holy crap. I'm a little behind here, I guess. Since I totally spaced posting last week, I guess you get a two for one deal this week. The problem with that is that I'll actually have to try and remember what in the hell went on two weeks ago. I've got the mileage written down, but any details about specific runs might be sketchy at best, so I guess I'll just have to make something up. Okay, here goes...

Monday (Apr 26) - Rest. Played some basketball.

Tuesday (Apr 27) - 7.2 miles. Met up with Ryan Hall for a short recovery run. He told me all the super secrets of elite marathoners. Or maybe I just ran around Belle alone in the dark. Can't really remember....

Wednesday (Apr 28) - 10 miles. This one I do remember because it blew chunks. I ran a progression run and while I was able to ratchet the speed up at least 15 seconds every mile, it felt like crap and I didn't go as fast as I normally do for such a run, but the effort felt much harder.

Thursday (Apr 29) - 8.5 miles. If I remember correctly, I headed up Lookout Mtn. and it went fairly well. Much better than the progression run the day before.

Friday (Apr 30) - 6.3 miles. Another run with Ryan Hall. Or by myself. You decide.

Saturday (May 1) - 20 miles. Another one I remember, not so much because I felt like crap (I didn't) but because the weather was crap. Shannon ran a 5K in the morning in Spearfish and I started running immediately afterward while she and the kids went to Walmart and then McDonald's. I ran a huge loop around Spearfish and Lookout Mtn. and for the first 10 miles or so managed to keep the wind at my back or my side. But, the crux of a loop is that eventually you have to go back the direction you came from and when I did the wind almost stopped me in my tracks. I finally made it into Spearfish Canyon, which is sheltered from the wind and finished up my run there.

Sunday (May 2) - 7.7 miles. Met up with my friends Jerry and Ryan and went for a run in the Canyon (the wind was howling yet again). Afterward, we talked some running business. I can't divulge that business just yet, but an announcement is coming in the near future and I'll be writing more about it then. You're on the edge of your seats now, aren't ya?

Total - 59.7 miles

The next week (which is now last week....try and keep up here) was a cutback week, hence the lower mileage (which actually ended up not much lower than the week before, which was supposed to be a moderate week, but whatever...this ain't rocket science).

Monday (May 3) - Rest. Basketball. The standard Monday routine.

Tuesday (May 4) - 8.15 miles with 6x800m intervals. Yet again, the wind was howling but I decided to throw caution to the wind (bad pun, haha!) and run on the outdoor track. It kind sucked running hard into the wind, but yet the intervals went well overall. This was also a day that will go down in history for local hockey fans as the Rapid City Rush defeated the Allen Americans 4-3 in double overtime to clinch the President's Cup in only their second year in the CHL. We were there and it made for a lllooonnnggg night, but well worth it.

Wednesday (May 5) - 8 miles. After the late night hockey on Tuesday, there was no way I was getting up early on Wednesday to go for a run, so I had to skip out on basketball and do it at lunchtime. And that's all I remember about it. Apparently I ran 8 miles.

Thursday (May 6) - 6.1 miles. Drawing a blank. Probably around Belle. Maybe not. But probably.

Friday (May 7) - 13.9 miles. This one I definitely remember. Jerry, Ryan and I met up again with the initial plan that Ryan and I would run approximately 24 miles of the Centennial Trail with Jerry serving as our crew. Again, I can't discuss the reason for this quite yet, you'll just have to wait until next month. However, Mother Nature intervened with wind, rain and snow. Concerned that one section of trail along our planned route is difficult to follow in good conditions, much less when it's under snow, we decided instead to run a simple out and back on a more familiar section. That out and back featured over 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Fun. Fortunately, the trail running I have been doing seems to be paying off as my quads didn't feel like ground chuck afterwards.

Saturday (May 8) - 16 miles. Since I didn't get in a true long run the day before, I decided to do back to back kinda long runs and ran from Belle to Walmart. Not as much elevation gain as the day before (only 1,000 feet), but a good, hilly run nonetheless.

Sunday (May 9) - 5 miles. Just a recovery run around Belle before the Mother's Day festivities kicked off (which included Shannon running a 5K PR in Spearfish!).

Total - 57.2 miles

So, there you have it, the last two weeks of my life in a nutshell. For my sake, I'll have to try and remember to keep this weekly...trying to remember that far back hurts my head...

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