Thursday, August 26, 2010

Counting down the minutes

Lean Horse is upon us. Well, it's upon me, anyhow. A few of you out there might be running it along with me, but the rest of you just get to sit back and await the carnage report. Enjoy that.

The last couple of weeks have had their ups and downs (both figuratively and literally). For the most part, last week went well as I tapered down to 44 miles for the week. That included a nice night run on Friday night where I left the house at 9:30 and put in 15 miles under a nearly full moon. It was pretty sweet. I rested the next day (if you can consider a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and a day full of school shopping "rest") and then ran the McGovern Hill Trail Race on Sunday. It was one of the more miserable 5 mile runs I've had. The race was an out and back with the first half up the hill and the second half back down. I didn't feel all that great going up and I got passed by quite a few people, but figured I'd be able to catch them on the way down. Wrong. I didn't feel much better going down and just could not push the pace at all. It sucked. I keep telling myself that just means the bad mojo is outta my system and now I'm due for a good day(s) at Lean Horse.

As for this week, the running is done and it's full on taper obsession mode. I ran 8 miles on Tuesday and another 6 yesterday. Two days of full rest and then I'll try to conquer the Lean Horse. My number 1 goal is pretty damn simple: finish. Goal number 2 is sub-24. Anything besides either of those would just be gravy on the cake....or something like that. My strategy is pretty simple too. Walk the uphills and run the flats and downhills on Argyle Rd. and then try to stick to a run/walk strategy (10 minutes to 2 minutes initially) on the Mickelson. It's supposed to be hot (lower 90s) at the lower elevations but significantly cooler (upper 70s) at the higher elevations, so I need to be up near Custer (miles 35.5 and 64.5) by the heat of the day, which shouldn't be a problem. By the time I reach the lower elevations again, it will be dark and I'll probably be more worried about being too cold (amongst other things there are to worry about 80 miles into a 100 mile race). After my night run last week, I'm really looking forward to the sun going down on Saturday. It's become branded in my brain that if I can just reach sunset, I'll make it to the finish. The moon will be 4 days past full on Saturday night, so should provide ample light if it's a clear night (which it looks like it should be). Basically, I want to hit the halfway point at Deadbroke St. with some time to spare on the 24 hour pace and hopefully enough energy to take advantage of the cooler temps at night and do as much running (no matter how slow) as walking the last half. And now I'm rambling....damn taper madness...

Okay, I'd probably better go check the weather forecast for the 1,472nd time and look over my drop bag list again....and again.....and again...and again......

Stand by for a full report. Hopefully it's a good one.

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mike_hinterberg said...

Great post on our favorite topic these days!

I have no doubt you are set for tremendous success and then some.

Random thoughts:
"M-o-o-n, that spells 'Moon.' Laws, yes!"

"It's become branded in my brain that if I can just reach sunset, I'll make it to the finish" --> The vampire strategy. I like it!

"Basically, I want to hit the halfway point at Deadbroke St. with some time to spare on the 24 hour pace" -- The conventional wisdom seems to be +2 hours second half (though you would think it should be a percentage instead?), so 11 hrs first half seems to be a good goal, but I'm sure you'll be *well* under that!

This is gonna be great, thanks again for all you've done to promote and support the race, and looking forward to Sunday, 10AM!