Monday, April 2, 2012

March Summary

Miles: 377.9
Time Spent Running: 60:08:04 (10 more than Feb., 15 more than Jan.)
Runs: 38 (just shy of 10 miles/run...guess I should've got in another 0.1 mile somewhere)
Rest Days: 1
20+ Mile Runs: 7
Lookout Summits: 8 (would've been more, but the Tinton trail is now snow free, giving me two lunchtime run options)

Roughly a weekday to weekend mileage ratio of 1:1. My typical week consists of 40-45 miles between Monday and Friday and then 40-45 on Saturday/Sunday (30/15, 20/20, 25/20, etc.). Generally, one of those long runs (the longest one) is done on trails and the other on roads. Not ideal when training for a trail 100, but due to the logistics of juggling running, driving at least half an hour to a trail and family activities, that's just the way it is. Could be much worse....I could be training for Bighorn while living somewhere like Florida (I'll never understand how people do that....or why they would live in Florida in the first place for that matter).

Considering I was happy with 328 miles in February and stated I'd like to get that up to 350, I've got to be pretty happy with 377 for March. Honestly, didn't expect it to be that high, that's just kind of how things worked out, which I'll take as a good sign (it's always better when the miles just happen, rather than struggling to achieve them). I'd expect April to be similar. I'm fairly locked into a routine of 85-90 miles for three consecutive weeks followed by a cutback week of around 60 miles on the 4th week. I may flirt with a 100 mile week if I get in a 40 miler one of these weekends, but it's not something I'm striving for (well, except for the week including the Bighorn100, of course).

Oh, and I'm down about 11-12 pounds since the start of the year. I guess burning roughly 13,000 calories a week will do that for ya.

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