Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Summary

Miles: 347.8
Time Spent Running: 54:39:06
Runs: 35
Rest Days: 2
20+ Mile Runs: 4
Lookout Summits: 8

I was down about 30 miles from March.  I've been running the same volume/week, so that's basically a function of one fewer day in the month plus an extra rest day because of how my running schedule played out over the month.  My miles/run average was almost identical.  The number of 20+ milers was down by 3.  Again, that's partly due to how the schedule played out.  It's also due to one of those 20+ mile runs being a 40 miler and another being a 28 miler, so more volume in single long runs and fewer back to back 20+ mile runs.  The number of Lookout Summits was the same.

May will probably be similar to April.  It will definitely have more rest days, as I plan on taking the day before and after the Quad Rock 50 off.  How Quad Rock affects my mileage the following week remains to be seen.  Last year, I was able to bounce back from the Collegiate Peaks 50 very well and continue on with training.  Hoping for similar results this year.

Obviously, Quad Rock is the big test run prior to Bighorn.  If I can get through QR unscathed, I'll be on the downhill trend of my training....just a couple more weeks of (hopefully) high volume training after QR before it'll be time to taper.  Yikes.

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