Friday, June 1, 2012

May Summary

Miles: 329.9 (17.9 less than April)
Time Spent Running: 55:50:04 (1:11:xx more than April)
Runs: 38 (three more than April)
Rest Days: 4 (2 more than April)
20+ Mile Runs: 4 (same as April)
Lookout Summits: 8 (same as April)

Well, there it is.  The last month of "real" training before Bighorn on June 15-16.  As expected, my miles were down a little bit from April, due to double the number of rest days, which is partly due to running the Quad Rock 50 in the middle of the month and taking the day before and the day after off.  Despite the lower mileage, my hours spent running were higher, again largely thanks to 11+ hours on my feet at Quad Rock.  I have one last long run, in the form of the Deadwood-Mickelson Trail Marathon, this Sunday and then I'll be in all-out taper mode.  I don't know that I've ever entered taper thinking that I'm absolutely ready to tackle whatever race it is I'm training for, but I feel cautiously confident heading into Bighorn.  Seems like you're always left thinking you could've/would've/should've done more, but that's just part of taper madness.  Quad Rock was a good confidence boost that I can cover long distances in the mountains.  Now, I just need to get rested up.

About this time last year I crunched some numbers and figured out that I had run about 22% of my miles on trails leading up to the Bighorn 50, which was about double the trail mileage I had run when preparing for the Bighorn 50 (which I ultimately DNFed) in 2010.  Curiosity got the best of me, so I ran the numbers again for this year and found that I've just about doubled my trail miles again to 42%.  Given the realities of life (i.e., work, taking kids to school, coaching/watching kids sporting events, not having any trails immediately accessible to me without driving, not wanting to have my wife file for divorce, etc.) that's probably approaching the max percentage I can realistically achieve.  Unfortunately, running on roads is simply more convenient, but I made a concerted effort to hit the trails as much as possible this winter/spring (and that effort was helped immensely by our mild, relatively snow-free winter). I won't know if that effort was enough until sometime on June 16th, but I gave er the old college try, at least.

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