Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The 2013 Race Schedule

It occurs to me now that I never wrote a "2012 in review" kind of post, but now that we're into February of 2013, it seems a little late for that.  Here it is in a nutshell: ran a few thousand miles, finished the Bighorn 100, no injuries to speak of, generally had fun.

On to 2013.  I hinted at the race schedule in an earlier post, but here is the confirmed list of "big" races I'll be doing this year (i.e., I've shelled out the registration money, so I'm running them come hell or high water (or injury)).

Moab's Red Hot 55K, February 16th - The idea of running this race was first put in my head by Sundance Trail Run RD Paul Anderson.  A couple of years ago, Paul, Ryan, Nathan and myself took a road trip down to Buena Vista, CO for the Collegiate Peaks 50.  Sometime this past summer, Paul suggested we do it again with Moab as the destination.  I promptly forgot until a couple of days after registration had opened.  Lucky for me, they added entries this year and I was able to get in (I think it sold out pretty fast last year).  The idea was to enjoy a warmish (but not too warm) desert run early in the season, but from the way it's looking Moab is just as cold as South Dakota right now and might actually have more snow.  Oh well, a road trip is a road trip.

Quad Rock 50, May 11th - Last year, Ryan, Andy and myself took a road trip down to Ft. Collins for the inaugural QR50.  We had a blast hanging out with the FoCo trail runners and checking out their stomping grounds.  So, Ryan and I are going back for sure.  Not sure if anyone else is going with us, but we've got car space if anyone's interested.

Bighorn 30K, June 15th - After finishing the Bighorn 100 last year, running "just" the 30K might seem like I'm sandbagging it a bit.  But, out of the four race distances offered at Bighorn (30K, 50K, 50M and 100M), the 30K is the only one I haven't done, so I figured it's time to complete the Bighorn Slam.  Ryan is going too....he won back to back Bighorn 30Ks a few years a go and is going back for one more shot at the course record.  I have less lofty goals, but a top 5 finish isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility.

Leadville 100, August 17th - I've had the idea of Leadville bouncing around my skull for a couple of years now.  I'm intrigued by it's legendary status among 100s, but I also have concerns about the spectacle that it has become under the management of Lifetime.  But not concerned enough to not give it a shot.  Besides that, I've heard from several Black Hills 100 participants that our course is harder than Leadville.  On paper, just comparing the courses side by side, you could probably make that argument.  Black Hills does have about 4000 feet more elevation gain.  But then you have to factor in that little thing called "altitude".  Leadville's high point is over twice as high as Black Hills'.  Ouch.  As with anything, the only way to find out for sure is to experience it yourself, so that's what I'm going to do.  And I want a big buckle.

There she is.  Toss in the 5th Annual Black Hills Trail Running Series, co-directing the Black Hills 100, and maybe running a road race here and there, and it's looking to be a busy year.


mike_hinterberg said...


Looking forward to Quad Rock here, and you're all certainly welcome back to stay here again. And then see you again in Black Hills and at Leadville!

Rob said...

Glad your back for another Quad Rock! Leadville altitude? Heck it doesn't even reach 13K. Black Hills is definitely tougher.