Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well, it's been a hell of a weekend and very little of it has to do with running, but you're gonna hear about it anyhow, dammit! First off, as I mentioned in my last post, I took off at the buttcrack of dawn (actually a couple of hours before the buttcrack) to go hunting with some guys from work. We did a lot of walking with no success until, finally, late in the afternoon we spotted a group of mule deer that I was able to sneak (I'm sneaky like a fox) to within a couple hundred yards of. Three shots later (give me a break, it was a long way and they started running after the first one) my buck tag was filled. I came home with a nice 4-point muley, my first South Dakota buck. For the guys out there, he had a 23 inch spread (only a hunter would understand that, just like only a runner would understand that my VO2max is 50).

While I was traipsing around the South Dakota countryside in search of deer, the Montana Grizzlies were putting a good old fashioned beatdown on the Montana St. BobKittens. It was a game for awhile, but the Griz racked up three fourth quarter TDs on their way to a 41-20 win and a perfect 11-0 regular season. They've now won 16 straight Big Sky Conference games, have won 10 straight Big Sky championships and will be going to the playoffs for the 15th straight year (an NCAA record). Their first round opponent is the Wofford Terriers. Come on, really, Grizzlies vs. Terriers? That doesn't even SOUND like a good game.

And, last but not least, the team that causes me more grief than any other, the Seahawks, got some vengeance from the Bears with a 30-23 win today. Coach Holmgren said last week that he was sick and tired of the running game sucking ass (okay, those are my words, but close enough) so he was going to let Hasselbeck sling it. He wasn't lying and Matt lit it up against the Bears.

Oh yeah, and I had a kickass 10 mile run this morning with the last 2 miles at or below my Boston qualifying pace. Sweet.

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jen said...

Congrats on the buck!!

go Griz! :)