Thursday, January 24, 2008

An unexpected (and unwanted) cutback week

Well, I shoulda known that things were going a little too smoothly. I don't get sick too often, but lately I've noticed this phenomenon where, when I do get sick, it always happens on a weekend or when I'm off of work for some other reason. Last weekend was a four-dayer for me (it was my regular Friday off plus Monday off for MLK Day) and, of course, I got sick. Being sick in the first place sucks, but this one really sucked because I was just down for a day with the bug right after Christmas, so this is twice in a month, which is really odd for me. And, this time the bug hit me a little harder than last time. So, here's how the week went:

Monday - 6 miles recovery and basketball at lunch time. Little did I know that this would be my last run outside for.....well, I still don't know how long.
Tuesday - 10 miles with 4 at tempo pace. This workout was harder than it needed to be. It was freakin cold and windy, so I did it on the indoor track. If you're a runner, you know that it's easier to hold a fast pace if you don't have to do much turning. When you're on an 11.5 laps/mile track, you are seemingly constantly turning, which makes the pacing that much more difficult. Add to that a bunch of walkers who don' t get the concept of "walkers inside lane, runners outside lane" and who like to walk three abreast across the track while they talk about how to get more fiber in their diet (or some similar old person talk), and the pace becomes harder yet. Nothing quite like trying to run 6:45 miles when you have to slow to a walk or stop altogether every couple of laps to avoid a collision. Okay, I'll stop bitching now.
Wednesday - 14 miles easy. Indoor track again.
Thursday - 6 miles recovery. Indoor track again.
Friday - 12 miles easy and core workout. Indoors yet again.
Saturday - 6 miles recovery and core workout. Indoors yet again. Right after my workout I start feeling a little bit not right.
Sunday - I lay around all morning trying to convince myself that I don't feel like crap. I finally go to the gym in the afternoon to attempt a 16 miler and, after 4 miserable miles, finally accept that I'm probably sick. Damn it.
Total - 58 miles (12 fewer than planned)

So, I was also sick on Monday and then finally better on Tuesday (which is, of course, the day I had to go back to work....I should've taken a sick day out of spite).

As I mentioned, Mother Nature is up to her dirty whorish tricks again. I've now run on the indoor track for 10 straight days. I think the windchill bottomed out at -25 this weekend and it was -10 without any wind when I came to work this morning. If this keeps up much longer, I'm going to forget how to run in a straight line.....when the weather does improve, I'll just end up running in little circles in the street outside my house. If I were training for a marathon that took place on an 11.5 laps/mile track, I'd be golden, but as it is, I'd really prefer to get back outside.

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jen said...

Glad you are feeling better, I agree you should take a sick day just for the principle of it. :P

I couldn't believe when I heard it was negative whatever degrees up there. Freaking Brrr. My parents make me feel terrible when I start to complain about my "cold" 40 degree weather.