Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Snow

Let the games begin.....

Last Friday, Mother Nature annointed us with the first snow of the season. Super. Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows full well my feelings toward Mother Nature. In short, we generally don't get along. And several inches of wet, slushy snow over the weekend didn't help any to improve my opinion of her. In any case, it's back up to 60 degrees now and the snow that was on the ground all weekend is but a memory....for now.

So, despite the snow and some more prescribed burning, I managed to hammer out a really good week:

Sunday - 8.66 miles in the morning, 5.28 in the afternoon

Monday - 14 miles. Hoped for 15+, but my legs just weren't into it.

Tuesday - 10.22 miles followed by a bunch of hiking (i.e. prescribed burning).

Wednesday - 8.38 miles. Our burn was aborted by the descending cold front.

Thursday - 8.35 in the morning, 5.53 in the afternoon.

Friday - 11.68 miles. It had snowed overnight, so I slept in and waited to run until just before lunch. By then, most of the snow had melted, although some more flakes started falling on me toward the end of the run.

Saturday - 18.27 cold, wet miles. Oh, the joys of running for over 2.5 hours in alternating misty rain and snow. I foolishly took off for a few miles on a dirt/mud road, so my feet were soaked for most of the run too. Honestly, I had kind of planned on going 20 miles, but I knew that 18 would get me 90 for the week, so I happily cut it short there. One of the best things in the world after a cold, wet long run is a nice, hot shower. Unless your hot water heater takes a crap on ya. Then you get to follow up a cold, wet long run with a cold shower. Awesome.

Total - 90.37 miles. First time over 90 since April, I believe.

This coming week will be somewhat of a cutback week. I'm heading to Missoula on Friday to meet up with some old college buddies and to relive our glory days (or something like that). So, no long run this weekend, but I might run a 5K race in Missoula on Saturday morning, depending on how the events of Friday night are affecting me (we aren't going there to hang out in the library reading all the books we never read in college, if you know what I mean). Who knows, maybe I'll run a PR. Then, I'll have to go bar hopping every night before a 5K.

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johnmaas said...

Hey Chris,
I remember seeing on the news the other day about the snow out that way.
Wow, you are really pounding out the miles. You desrve a little step back...have fun with the buddies in Missoula!
Have you made all of your plans for Boston yet?
Maybe there is a chance I would see you there...