Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A trip down memory lane

Here's a quick breakdown of last week:

1) I crammed almost 75 miles into Sun-Fri, without a long run.

2) I drove to Billings and then Missoula on Friday night to meet up with 4 of my college drinking buddies.

3) We drank.

4) We slept.

5) I didn't run the 5K I was thinking of running on Saturday morning (see #3 above).

6) We tailgated.

7) We went to the Grizzly football game. They won 43-7.

8) We went to Hooters (the first one in Montana!!).

9) I slept (I'm getting too old for this stuff).

10) We went our separate ways.

The net result? I missed two days in a row of running after having run for 68 days straight dating back to Aug. 10th. In reality, probably not a bad thing. And, it was well worth it as I hadn't seen 3 of the 4 buddies I met up with for 8 years. We now have plans to hold this get together every two years (if you're out there MS and D, you'd damn well better make it next time!).

This week, back on the saddle. Since I didn't run the 5K in Missoula last weekend, I'll be gunning for a PR at the Halloween 5K in Rapid City on Sunday. I haven't exactly been training for a 5K, but then again, when have I ever?

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Max said...

I'll be there next time! Mayber we can go for a run before the drinking starts!