Monday, November 24, 2008

Century plus two

I'm just so f***ed up and I'm never gonna change...
It's never enough
No, it's never enough
No matter what I say
It's never enough
No, it's never enough...
Those are lyrics from Five Finger Death Punch's song "Never Enough". They come to mind because, for one, that song is on my ipod and I often hear it while I'm running. And, although the song itself isn't about running at all, those snippets of lyrics seem to pretty accurately describe my running addiction. How many miles is enough? I have no freakin clue, but 102 has gotta be damn near (or at least I hope so). Here's how my highest mileage week ever went down:
Sunday: I had done some calculatin and figured out that I needed to average 14.29 miles per day to finish the week with 100. With that in mind, I started the week off with 8.81 miles in the morning and 5.3 in the afternoon, for a total of 14.11 for the day.
Monday: 14.12 miles, all in one chunk.
Tuesday: 10.52 in the morning, 5.32 in the afternoon for 15.84 total.
Wednesday: 9 in the morning, 6.1 in the afternoon for 15.1 total. The morning run was by far my toughest of the week. My legs just did not want to run anything faster than about 9:15 miles. However, the afternoon run was great as I clicked off 8:30 or faster miles with the same perceived effort as in the morning.
Thursday: 8.61 in the morning, 5.43 in the afternoon for 14.04 total.
Friday: 18 miles. I had the day off of work and wasn't sure what I was going to do running-wise. It started snowing fairly hard late in the morning and I decided to just head out and see what happened. The snow eventually stopped, then turned to rain sprinkles, then the wind started to pick up. Through it all I felt good, so decided to get my long run out of the way. This ended up being my fastest paced run of the entire week.
Saturday: 11 miles. Friday's run put me at 91.22 miles for the week, so I needed less than 9 to hit 100. But, I've already run 100 miles once back in March or April. For some reason, 102 seemed more appealing than 101. So, 11 miles it was. This was my second fastest paced run of the week.
Total: 102.22 miles
So, a new weekly mileage high. The best part is, I sure as hell don't feel like I ran 102 miles last week. In fact, I feel like I could do it again no problem. But I'm not gonna. This week will be a cutback week. Last week, I had double-digit mileage every day. This week, it'll be one, maybe two days with double digits. The logic is two-fold. First, I guess my legs deserve a break after 4 straight weeks of 80+ miles and three straight weeks of 90+ miles. Second, I really, really, really want to beat my stale 5K PR at the Turkey Trot 5K in Rapid City on Thursday and hopefully taking it easy this week will help.
Okay, now for a football update. As I mentioned in my last post, the Montana Grizzlies will be making their 16th straight trip to the FCS playoffs beginning this coming Saturday. Yesterday, they learned that they will enter the playoffs as the number 4 seed and will face another Bobcat team, this time Texas St., in the first round. The number 4 seeding is critical because it assures the Griz homefield for the first two rounds and, if #1 seed James Madison gets upset, then in the semifinals also. The crappy thing is, the rest of the 16 team field is matched up regionally to reduce travel costs as much as possible. So, the Grizzlies' second round opponent will be either Weber St., who handed the Griz their only loss of the season, or Cal Poly, who the Griz narrowly beat on the road in their first game of the season. But, at least the game will be in Missoula either way, which gives the Griz a huge advantage. GO GRIZ!!!

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jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck at the 5k. I hope you win a pie and get a PR. :)