Monday, November 17, 2008

Miles, miles, miles

I've reached a sick point where I feel like I'm a slacker if I don't record at least double digits on any given day. I remember the day, not so long ago, when 10 miles seemed like a long damn ways. Now, I find myself going through mental torment if I don't get in at least 10 miles. I am one sick bastard....

Sunday - 10.49 miles

Monday - 8.48 miles in the morning and another 5.25 in the afternoon.

Tuesday - 15.36 miles. An awesome run. I took off for a 2 hour run and quickly settled into a fairly effortless 7:45ish pace. I was on cruise control pretty much the entire way.

Wednesday - 8.02 miles in the morning, 5.22 in the afternoon. Apparently, I used up all my mojo during Tuesday's run, because I felt the exact opposite during the morning run. Just getting the 8 miles done was a struggle in itself. Of course, that didn't stop me from tacking on the extra afternoon run. I told you I was sick.

Thursday - 9.01 miles. That's right, just single digits for the day. This had more to do with gorging myself at the Ruby Tuesday salad bar at lunch than anything else. I very seriously considered going for a late afternoon run, but knew by the feeling in my gut that I would regret it if I did.

Friday - 8.49 in the morning, 5.6 in the afternoon. The afternoon run was my first indoor run in a very long time. The wind was blowing 25-30 and it was snowing, so I wimped out and ran inside on Black Hills State University's indoor track.

Saturday - 17.13 miles. Didn't feel great, didn't feel horrible. Not my fastest long run, not my slowest. It just was.

Total - 93.03 miles

So, that's two straight weeks over 90 miles. I've only hit 100 miles in a week once. Doing the math, I have to average 14.29 miles per day to get 100. Yesterday I ran 14.11 (in two runs), this morning I did 14.12 so, I'm right at that magic number. So, yeah, I'm thinking of going for the century this week and then cutting back pretty significantly next week to rest up for the annual Turkey Trot 5K in Rapid City. Sick, sick, sick....

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jen said...

Sick, sick, sick

couldn't say it better myself. You are a weirdo.

:) Also, you are awesome. Good luck on the century!! :)