Monday, February 22, 2010

Hat Trick

I scored the trifecta this week, hitting 80 miles for the third week in a row. After struggling earlier in this year to get to that number, it's now become almost routine. Funny how that works.

Sunday - 7 miles. We had spent Saturday night in Rapid City after watching the Rush hockey game and I had planned on going for a trail run on M Hill Sunday morning with a couple of other guys, but the -10 windchill put the kaibash on those plans. Two of us met in the parking lot and while waiting for the 3rd guy, we talked ourselves out of actually running. The third guy did eventually show up, after we had left, and he manned up and ran, so I guess we shoulda stuck around a little longer instead of wimping out. Oh well. After getting back to Belle that afternoon, I found that the wind was much calmer there and was able to get a run in.

Monday - 12 miles. Headed out planning on doing 10 but I was feeling good so I ran a slightly longer loop.

Tuesday - 10 miles. The miles are clicking by.

Wednesday - 14 miles. Had to do this early in the morning (as in 4 AM) because I had a class in Rapid City all day long. Early morning medium-long runs are always kind of dicey because it's usually hard for me to get my body going that early. This one went pretty well though, although I could feel myself fading considerably the last 4 pace didn't suffer much, but it felt like I was nearing the end of a 20 miler instead of just 14.

Thursday - 7 miles. This one was slow...definitely feeling the aftermath of the 14 miles the day before.

Friday - 8 miles in the morning, another 4 in the afternoon.

Saturday - 18 miles. This was one of those runs that remind you why you love running. Right from the start, the pace was effortless, but fast (for a long run). I ran the same Belle to Walmart route I ran a few weeks ago, but hammered this one out 20 seconds per mile faster than last time.

Total - 80 miles

After three weeks of 80 or more miles, I'm taking a planned cutback this week. I don't know that I really want to because things are feeling really good right now, but I forced myself to rest yesterday, no run at all. One thing I've learned about running is that if it's something I don't really look forward to doing then it's probably worth doing, even if that means taking a rest day.

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