Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In a groove

One thing I've learned over the past several years of running is that my body goes through streaks. I'll have a week or two where things just don't feel good and every run is a struggle followed by a stretch where everything is clicking and the miles are effortless. The only thing that keeps me going through the rough streaks is knowing that eventually I'll bust out of it and into a good streak. Well, right now I'm definitely in one of the good ones (although things weren't necessarily bad before, just so-so).

Sunday - 8 miles total, including 2 mile warmup, 4 mile race (Freeze Your Fanny, which I already wrote about last week) and a 2 mile cooldown.

Monday - 6 miles in the morning, 5 in the afternoon.

Tuesday - 10 miles

Wednesday - 12 miles

Thursday - 10 miles in the morning, 4 in the afternoon

Friday - 20 miles. I usually do my long runs on Saturday, but I pushed this one up a day because I had the day off and the weather forecast wasn't looking good for the weekend. It ended up going very well. I ran a negative split and the last mile was the fastest (by far).

Saturday - 8 miles. Was glad I wasn't going 20....it was fairly warm out when I ran, but it had snowed overnight and was still snowing when I ran, so the footing was kinda crappy (I actually wore my trail shoes for extra traction). Regardless, this run felt surprisingly good, especially considering the 20 miles the day before.

Total - 83 miles

So, two weeks in a row now over 80 miles. Can I make it three?

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