Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm in the paper!!

Have you ever Googled your name? Well, I did yesterday and came across this article from the Hot Springs Star about the Lean Horse Ultra:

In true local journalistic fashion, there are several errors such as referring to the second place 100 miler by his hometown instead of his last name and claiming that I took second by 12 minutes in the 50K instead of 8. But, at least the Hot Springs paper actually had a story about the race, which is more than I can say for the local "big" paper, the Rapid City Journal, which only printed the results of the 100 miler a week after the race with nary a word actually written about the race. Way to keep a pulse on the local sports scene, Journal. I like high school football as much as the next guy, but there is actually other stuff going on. This is the same paper that recently referred to a 196 mile relay race (Hood to Coast) as a "marathon" several times. The runners out there will get the joke, for everyone else I'll explain briefly: a "marathon" is 26.2 miles. Any other distance is something else. Okay, I'll get off the soapbox now.

On a totally unrelated subject, fall is sneaking up on us and I'm pumped beyond words. I ran this morning in my perfect weather, 50 degrees with an ever so slight breeze. I'm also in day two of a four day stretch of football bliss: last night was the NFL season opener, tonight Belle Fourche has a home game against Hot Springs, tomorrow I'm going to Spearfish to watch Black Hills St. play Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Montana (my alumnus) is playing Ft. Lewis, and Sunday is the day I've been waiting for since last January, the start of the Seahawks' season. Perfect running weather and football....this is why fall is my favorite season.

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jen said...

Cool- congrats on the newspaper mention. :) It's always cool to see your name in print!

I am so looking forward to fall, but I want YOUR fall! Not this wussy "fall" we get here in California. It can't be fall if it's still 90 and the leaves don't change.