Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Basebuilding is done and winter is here

Last week was my last one of basebuilding. It was also, apparently, our last week of semi-nice weather for awhile. Several hours after finishing my last basebuilding run, Mother Nature smacked us upside the head with another blizzard. Unlike our last couple of blizzards, this one didn't come with a ton of snow, but instead with frigid ass temperatures (and some snow too). While not as much snow is on the ground, it's certainly going to stick around longer, considering the temperature has yet to climb out of the negative digits since Saturday night. Yesterday morning, the windchill was -35 and this morning the temperature, without wind, was -21. Beautiful...

Anyhow, here's how the week went:

Sunday - 8.45 in the morning, 5.27 in the afternoon

Monday - 13.62. It was 33 degrees outside and raining. I was soaking wet and freakin cold by the time I got done.

Tuesday - 10.51 in the morning, 5.21 in the afternoon.

Wednesday - 8.35

Thursday - 13.34. It was 32 degrees and snowing. Much, much nicer running weather than on Tuesday.

Friday - 8.61

Saturday - 18.27. Was kind of cold and windy...could tell the storm was moving in. But, ended up being a good run and, just for the fun of it, I ran the last 3.25 miles at sub 7:10 pace.

Total - 91.62 miles

A good week of running, but the highlight of the week was still the Montana win over JMU on Friday night (see below). We now know that the Griz will face Richmond in the championship game after the Spiders came from behind to score the winning TD over Northern Iowa with 14 seconds left in the game. The championship game is the same time and channel as last week's semifinal: ESPN2 at 6 PM Mountain time.

Speaking of Montana, we're going there for the holidays. We'll be leaving sometime on Friday....originally we were going to take off at about 4 and drive as far as Billings, but now that the Griz game is on at 6 and we have no prospects of getting to Billings before then, we might not be leaving until after the game and driving until 1 or 2 in the morning. Sounds like fun, huh? In any case, we'll eventually make our way to Lincoln and then Hamilton. Hoping to get some good Boston training in while I'm there (hear that Mother Nature??).

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