Thursday, December 18, 2008

A GRIZmas Poem

No, I didn't write this, just passing it along....

Twas the week before playoffs
And all through the state,
Griz Nation was ready
We knew it'd be great!

First up Texas State and
Griz fans would not worry.
31 to 13
Skinned dem Cats in a hurry.

With a smug attitude
The Wildcats came flaunting
Our seismic North End Zone
Their players were taunting.

But once was enough
And redemption at hand
Weber got spanked
Now ain't vengeance grand

Of the Dukes they all said
"They're the best in the land,"
Redemption round two
Just as we planned.

Special Teams were excited
Showing grit and some gristle
Our defense ignited
And launched the Butte missile.

A pick and a swat
From a corner named Swink
On 4th down and 20
Dukes' hopes he did sink.

Bring on the Spiders ,
The Grizzlies don't care
We've got Chase Reynolds
Who runs like a wild-hare

Mariani , Ferriter
Pfaler and Beaudin
Our feared air attack
Will soon be explodin'!

Now on-Quinn, now on-Horn,
And don't forget Dow
On Hillesland, on Dyk,
Bring it O-line Kapow!

When all are covered
with a juke and twist
He carries the rock
Our mighty Cole Bergquist.

Too many great players
To name in a poem
But at Finley Stadium
All Grizzlies will roam.

Under Friday night lights
Our fans have a wish
The Grizzlies will find
Some Spiders to squish

We're ready and willing
And can't hardly wait
The players, the coaches
This game could be fate.

You've practiced, you've sweated,
You've worked the whole season
The Championship Game
Is the one single reason.

So Santa is here
To offer a toast
To the Montana Grizzlies
The team we love most.

To all of our coaches
in this season of light
Merry Grizmas to all
And to all a good Brody McKnight

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jen said...

"And to all a good Brody McKnight"

Awesome poem and Griz playoff summary Chris!! LOL. I love this. They should print it in the Missoula paper.

Go Griz!!