Monday, January 5, 2009

Daniels Week 3

My Boston training has gotten off to a kind of ragged start thanks to the holidays. Included in the first two weeks of my training was a trip across Montana and back, which caused me to miss a couple of runs. But, now that I'm hunkered down back in South Dakota, I finally got a chance to buckle down and really get into it this past week.

Monday - 8 miles in the morning, another 4 in the afternoon.

Tuesday - 10 miles

Wednesday - 8 miles with 8 strides.

Thursday - 10 miles total, including 2 miles warmup, 6x1000m intervals with 3 min. recoveries and 2 miles cooldown. This was a tough workout, especially since the high school track was snowed in so I ran back and forth on one fairly flat stretch of road, but still ended up running every other interval slightly uphill and into the wind.

Friday - 8 miles in the morning, another 4 in the afternoon.

Saturday - 8 miles with 8 strides. Had to head to the indoor track thanks to -15 windchill.

Sunday - 16 miles total including 4 miles warmup, 5x6 min. tempo intervals with 1 min. recoveries and 1 hour (about 7 miles) easy. This one was tough too. The first 4 intervals went pretty well, but when I made a turn just before starting the last one, I started running into the wind. Running fast into the wind just sucks.

Total - 76 miles

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