Monday, January 12, 2009

Daniels Week 4

Four weeks of Daniels down and I'm starting to get into some serious running now. Before I started Daniels, I was putting in a lot of miles with no speed. For the first few weeks of Daniels, I was adding some speedwork in, but the miles were lower. This week, speedwork and mileage came together in a crazy orgy of running (or something like that).

Monday - 10 miles in the morning, 5.1 miles in the afternoon.

Tuesday - 12.77 miles. It was supposed to be 12, but I misjudged the distance of the loop I ran. Oops.

Wednesday - 8.13 miles w/ 8 strides. Purposefully tacked on an extra 0.13 to bring my mileage up to a full number (no decimals). Don't ask me why.

Thursday - 10 miles including 5x1200m intervals. It was an amazing 51 degrees, so I ran in the afternoon in t-shirt and shorts. The track at Belle Fourch High was about 95% clear; there were just a few spots of snow that I had to trudge through on each lap. Overall, a good workout.

Friday - 8 miles in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. The high temp was half of what it was on Thursday, with a 30 mph breeze thrown in for good measure. I did the afternoon run at the Black Hills St. University indoor track, where the college track team was practicing. After getting assurance from the coach that I wouldn't be in their way, I proceeded to feel like a tortoise racing a bunch of hares as I shuffled around the track at about an 8:40 recovery pace as the track team was doing speedwork.

Saturday - 10 miles with 8 strides.

Sunday - 22 miles. I ran an out and back east of Belle on a route that featured some hills in the first 6 miles, then some flat for the next 10 miles or so and then back over those hills during the final 6 miles. The longest, steepest hill almost brought me to a walk at about mile 17.5 on my way back, but I made it and was able to finish strong thanks to about 4 miles of downhill to finish things off. Afterwards, I was sitting in the recliner watching the Giants-Eagles playoff game and I looked down at my calves and they looked like a couple of bags of snakes, they were twitching so much and so fast. Crazy.

Total - 91 miles

14 weeks til Boston!!


jen said...

Wow, amazing mileage Chris! Great work on another week of training. :)

johnmaas said...

Looks like you are really doing well with the training, Chris!
That 22 miler sounds like that is a good route to prepare yourself for the Boston course!
Also, I saw the video link that Jerry Dunn posted a while back that featured you on TV. That was impressive!
You've really transformed yourself into an amazing athlete!