Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bored at work? Track me online!

Okay, I honestly have no clue how many of you there are out there who actually read the nonsense I post here, but if you're looking for something not all that exiciting to do on Monday morning, you can track my progress in Boston online. It's pretty simple:

1 - Go to the Boston Marathon website (
2 - On Monday, there will be a fairly obvious (I think) "Athlete Tracking" link. Click on it.
3 - Enter my bib number (5189).

That's about it, folks. There are checkpoints every 5 kilometers along the course and the tracking page will update every time I pass one of those (not sure if it updates automatically or if you have to refresh it every once in awhile). The tracking info you get will show the last checkpoint I passed, my current pace, my total time and my projected finish time. Bear in mind that the nature of the Boston course leads to many (most) people running the first half slower than the second half, so the projected finish time early on will probably be overly optimistic. Hopefully my second half isn't TOO much slower, but that remains to be seen.

Rest assured, I'll post a race report on here as soon as possible, which may not be until sometime Tuesday night, after I get back to SoDak.

Thanks for all the support!!


SJ said...

Hi Chris--I've been reading your blog for quite awhile and then recently became friends with Shannon on Facebook and other online sites. I just wanted to tell you good luck in Boston and thanks for posting the tracking info...I will be interested in following. :)

johnmaas said...

Of course I'll be tracking you online!!!
Good luck and have fun!

JojaJogger said...

I too will be watching you online. Have a blast!

Jim said...

Chris, I regularly read your nonsense. Good luck in Boston and GO HAWKS!

jen said...

Good luck Chris. I'll be tracking you. Have a blast. :)

Lisa said...

Go go go!!!! I am so excited for you. I am originally from Boston ended up in Rapid in 1978. Have a grinder at Durgin Pahk for me!

sharon said...

Will be watching you for sure

swedishcowboy said...

Gotcha at the half! Looks like a great time 1:33 -- rock on!!!

Political Youth said...


My name is Jake Nordbye with the Rapid City Journal. We would be interested in writing an article about your experinces in Boston.

You can contact me at 605-391-8418.