Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Boston Pics

The reward:

The finish arch:

Me with Bill Rodgers (only person to ever win the Boston and New York Marathons four times each; he did it back in the 70s):

Me with Dick Beardsley (he took second by two seconds to Alberto Salazar in the legendary 1982 Boston Marathon, which was dubbed the "Duel in the Sun"):

Me with Ryan Hall, the next great American marathoner (he took 3rd at Boston this year):

I've got more pics on my Facebook page, just follow this link (it'll work whether you have a Facebook account or not):

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TriMoot said...

Hey, Great Pics! Congrats on running Boston! That is my goal for 2010 and in fact am doing my 1st qualifier this Saturday, May 16th.
Isn't Dick Beardsley the greatest?!
He was here in Spokane a while back and we had such a great time talking with him. Also saw him in Tahoe when we were visiting my daughter. He's a great inspiration. Much like yourself!
Again, Congrats!
Wish me luck!
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