Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bighorn Preview

Here's a combination map/elevation profile for what I've got ahead of me on Saturday:

As you can see, we start a ways up, well over 8,000 ft., but then run downhill for the first 17 miles, with what looks like a pretty wicked downhill from mile 8 to 17. Then, it's 17 miles of uphill to Dry Fork, a little more uphill after that and then down into Dayton. I ran the stretch from Cow Camp to Dayton as part of the 50K last year, so I'm at least familiar with part of the course. I know that downhill from Horse Creek Ridge down into the Tongue River Canyon is a quad tenderizer and this year I get the added bonus of doing it after having already done that first steep downhill from Spring Marsh to Footbridge. I have a feeling I won't be walking down any stairs without liberal use of the hand rails for a few days after this thing is over. Oh, and let's not forget The Wall and The Haul. I have yet to experience The Wall, but I remember standing at the base of The Haul last year and wondering where in the hell the ski lift was. The Wall looks to be twice as long and even more steep. Suffice it to say, I'll be doing some power hiking along those sections....or possibly some power crawling, depending on how the day is going.

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