Monday, June 28, 2010

Trying to get back in the groove

Well, needless to say, the Bighorn 50 mile was pretty rough. Ultimately though, it was a training run and although I didn't get 50 miles in as planned, I did cover 34, which is a sizeable chunk. Still, I wanted to put Bighorn behind me and get right back in to training this week. Unfortunately, this damn cold I've been fighting since right after Deadwood just would not let fact, after Bighorn it got even worse. I finally decided that I likely had a sinus infection (after a few days of blowing a seemingly never ending supply of bright yellow snot out of my nose) and went to the doctor on Thursday and got some antibiotics. Too little too late, though, and I ended up basically writing this week off as a recovery week and hoping things will improve in the coming week.

Monday - Scheduled rest day. Feeling a little sore from Bighorn, especially my quads, but not too bad.

Tuesday - 9 miles. First post-Bighorn run and it went surprisingly well. Really well, in fact. Maybe there is hope for a quick recovery?

Wednesday - 8.2 miles. Maybe not. Much more of a struggle than the day before. Just felt sluggish overall. I know this's the same way I felt for a good month after the Lean Horse 50 last year.

Thursday - 7 miles. Well, since I felt slow and sluggish on Wednesday, I may as well just run up a mountain in the afternoon when it's 80 degrees with 50% humidity. With a raging sinus infection. Brilliant! I had absolutely no energy on the climbs, but I made it to the summit of Lookout with a generous helping of power hiking thrown in. Good heat training, I guess.

Friday - 6 miles. Just a slow recovery jog around town. Felt alright.

Saturday - 12.3 miles. Met up with my friend Ryan to run the Centennial Trail from Dalton Lake to Elk Cr. The idea was to park a car at each end and then decide once we got to Elk Cr. if we wanted to run back for 24+ miles or call it a day. This section of trail is awesome. Nice single track, awesome views, nice mix of uphills and downhills and a total of 5 creek crossings. Unfortunately, my energy level was not awesome at all. My legs felt alright, but I had absolutely no energy on the uphills and we did a lot of power hiking. It didn't help that the humidity was atrocious, had to be over 90% (we ran up into fog at one point). The downhills felt much better, but I just was not in to it mentally and decided I was done when we got to Elk Cr. Felt kinda bad, because I'm sure Ryan would've pushed on and done the full 24. It was obvious by then that I would just have to write this week off as recovery and hope things improve next week if I take it relatively easy (i.e., no long run this weekend).

Sunday - 10.2 miles. Shannon rocked out an awesome 21 miler in the morning, so I didn't start my run until about 3:00 PM. By then it was pretty warm (low 80s) but there was a decent breeze, so at least there was some cooling effect. Felt reasonably decent, considering and got in some more heat training if nothing else.

Total - 52.7 miles

Actually, 52 miles is right on what my "easy" weeks are under my Lean Horse plan, so even though I didn't get a long run in, I did get some okay mileage. I was obviously hoping for more, but it is what it is. As of this week, I am officially registered for the Lean Horse 100, so now I'm feeling the extreme need to get in some good high mileage weekends, and this week certainly did not include that. Hopefully, by taking it relatively easy I'll be able to get back into ultra training mode this weekend. Ryan and I are planning another long run on the Centennial this weekend (probably close to 30) and I fully intend on finishing the damn thing this time.

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