Thursday, June 3, 2010

Racing fool

It just dawned on me that by the time the Bighorn 50 is done in a couple of weeks, I will have run 5 races in a 4 week span:

May 23 - Alkali Cr.
May 30 - Fat Tire
June 6 - Deadwood-Mickelson
June 10 - Dino Hill
June 19 - Bighorn

A grand total of about 93.2 miles of racing. This isn't necessarily problematic, just a higher volume of racing than I think I've ever done before. Of course, it's not like I'm going for a PR at Deadwood and a "fast" time at Bighorn. Both of those are intended to be long training runs (in the case of Bighorn, really long). Now I'm just wondering what the hell I'm going to do between Bighorn and the Missoula Marathon on July 11th....I'm going to feel lost!

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