Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Missoula Official Results Are Posted

The official results from the Missoula Marathon are posted online. I fared better than I had thought considering how rough the last 8 miles were....apparently I wasn't the only one affected by the heat. My official time was 3:32:24 (3 seconds faster than my watch time) and I placed 45/434 overall and 9/29 in the 25-29 age group. Any illusions I had of getting a top three in my AG turned out to be totally unrealistic as the top 3 all ran 3:04 or faster. But, if I were just one year older, I would have gotten third in the 30-34 AG. Maybe next year...

In other news, it appears that I may have won my two month long battle with the directors of the Fargo Marathon. Fargo offered a Clydesdale division (for guys over 190 lbs, if you're not in the know) and I finished 2nd this year (a full ten minutes behind the winner). Prior to the race, the director had told me via email that awards would be given to the top three Clydesdales. The week after the race, I was told again over the phone that awards would be three deep and that mine would be sent out the following week. Well, I never received anything, so after a few weeks I emailed and called them repeatedly and finally was told that they only gave an award to the top Clydesdale. WTF!!?? They didn't offer an explanation as to why, but did say that they were "considering going three deep". So, I let another few weeks go by and contacted the race director via email again, this time with a lengthy recap of the entire situation (without using one single cuss word). This time I was told that I would get my award. But, I haven't actually received it yet (it's only been a couple of days), so I won't count this as a victory yet. I don't even know what I've won and I really don't give a damn; it was the whole principle of the thing that was buggin the shit out of me.

The cold front has arrived!!! As I type this it is (finally) raining and appears as if we might actually get a break from the 105+ temps we've had for the last four or five days. A couple of days ago, the high in Death Valley was 113 and the high in South Dakota was 108. Not cool....literally.

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